H2O to Air Conversion

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Stock unmodified Waterboxer engine:

Partially disassembled Waterboxer engine:


Stock unmodified Waterboxer engine case:



Water jacket being removed:


Water jackets removed:


Modified Waterboxer to air engine cases:

This case has had offset inserts for 10mm studs installed to allow the use of a type one head stud pattern.

This case has had the head stud inserts moved out .050" from stock to allow for extra thick walled 4" bore cylinders!


Adapter bushings to install Type 1 lifters:

Cases in various stages of modifications:


Modified Waterboxer to air engines:


Modified Waterboxer crankshaft and flywheel:



Rear main seal adapter rings, when a bug (type one) crank and seal is used in a Waterboxer case, we also have a new adapter seal available that has the Waterboxer OD and Type 1 ID: